Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mr Daines Top 5 Leather Accessories

Mr Daines here, from Daines and Hathaway. The girls in the factory have pursuaded me to take up blogging and share my knowledge of all things leather.  They all thought a top 5 would be a good place to start.

So without further ado - These are my top 5 Leather Accessories.

1. Wallet
A must have for any gentleman, or lady. This  timeless Leather Billfold in Verglas Black is small enough to fit into your trouser or shirt pocket with enough space to keep your plastic and your paper, along with driving licence and those handy store cards. All our Daines and Hathaway products are handmade in England by the girls in the factory and we are very proud of the classic and quintessentially English Design. This comes in 5 different colours and prices start at £70 with Free Delivery for UK addresses. We have tall wallets and wallets with coin pockets. To see other styles go to

2. Passport Cover

"The Traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see"
Whatever takes you abroad, you need a passport, that is certain, so it's always good to keep it neat and tidy in its own leather cover. Again our Daines and Hathaway covers are made in England using fine Pittards leather in a choice of colours.

3. Washbag

This Military Wet Pack is amongst my favourite possesions. Based on  the original army issue washbag, its iconic style harks back to a different time and is one of those truely British designs. At Daines and Hathaway we use the original patterns from the early 20th century to make a unique and stylish addition to anyones grooming kit. You can fit in your shaving kit, your toothbrush, your moustache comb and your brylcreem. This one in rusty blaze is on offer at the moment.

4. Cufflink Box

Being a rather old fashioned gentleman I prefere shirts with cufflinks and these excellent little boxes are just the job for storing them in. Mrs Daines used to have no end of trouble finding somewhere to put my cufflinks when they were removed from my shirts for laundry day. So I designed this one with a soft suede lining. It has 8 comparments and it also has a lock, so the children or grandchildren can't get in and mess them up! There are different size boxes, depending on how vast or small your collection of cufflinks might be.

5. Valet Box
A while ago a young chap I know asked what a valet box was and what it was for. "Well" I answered him "I assume it goes back to the days of one having a 'Gentleman's Gentleman' " The 'Valet' would keep all your kit in one place and knew where it all was. Probably employed some kind of box. Nowadays its unlikely to have the benefit of a real valet so its handy to have somewhere to store all your bits and pieces when retiring for the evening. Watch, tie pin, lose change, medals, you know the sort of thing I mean. I wouldn't be able to find anything without mine. This one is lovely in Black Lizard leather and red suede lining. Looks just the job on anyones bed side table. There are other colours if you need to match them to an interior.

I hope you've found that useful. Now I have to go and speak to those nice people at Vogue about a feature on accessories. It's all go! Till next time.
Mr D